He’s just a little bloated…

So, this new post does get a little nerdy so bare with me. I hope you enjoy some more learning! This case is one that turns a “normal” day into a whirlwind! This begins with a 9 year old neutered male Great Dane that came in for sudden onset of retching, panicking, and severe abdominal pain. Owner stated that his belly also appeared to be … Continue reading He’s just a little bloated…

Oh, Chocolate!

So this last week has been quite interesting. Within a few days, we had two dogs consume some form of chocolate candies. Both were small breed doggies that thought dark chocolate was a delicious choice. Unfortunately for them, chocolate is toxic. Their parents in this case were very diligent and brought them in immediately. Chocolate toxicity levels: dry cocoa powder > unsweetened (baker’s) chocolate > … Continue reading Oh, Chocolate!

Coccidiosis Infection

  This is a microscopic view from a fecal float that has Coccidia (Isospora species) oocysts present.   Coccidia is host specific and can not infect other species of animals.  Clinical signs for coccidiosis is watery-to-mucoid, possibly blood tinged, diarrhea.  It is most commonly seen in puppies and kittens and it may cause weakness if chronic and/or severe.  Animals are infected via the environment that has … Continue reading Coccidiosis Infection

Blister Beetle Poisoning

These are Blister Beetles (three striped species).  They are mainly found in contaminated alfalfa hay or other alfalfa based products.  The actual toxin that effects mainly horses (also: cattle, goats, dogs, cats, and sheep) is Cantharidin.  It can be a mild toxicity to being fatal, and only a small amount of beetle consumption is needed (4-6 grams can be fatal).   The clinical signs seen … Continue reading Blister Beetle Poisoning