She’s just a bob tail…

A 9 year old spayed female Manx cat came into the clinic for limping periodically in her right hind leg. After a deep discussion and history with the owner, she also has had been leaving small dried fecal pieces in random areas of the house.

Below Image: Lateral X-ray of the abdomen showing a large amount of dried stool in colon (yellow arrow).  White arrow: Area of the lumbosacral joint of the spine that shows bony malformationsManx Malformation Lat labeled

Below Image: This is a ventrodorsal view (taking a picture laying on their back) of her caudal spine and coxofemoral joints.  The Yellow box shows several malformed vertebrae with missing segments.  The Blue box shows an abnormal curvature of the spine. The red arrow points to one of the hip joints to show orientation

Manx malformation VD labeled

Diagnosis: Sacroiliac dysgenesis (“Manx Anomaly”)

There is a possibility that the anomalies are so minor that clinical signs may not occur.  Symptoms that may be seen are an abnormal gait, abnormal stance, neurogenic atony (incontinence) of the bladder and colon, constipation, inappetance, skin scald on hind limbs due to urine/stool leakage.  Due to the variance and severity of disease, neonatal or stillborn deaths may occur.

There is no cure for this anomaly, but we can try an improve welfare.  For this girl, we started a GI diet containing higher fiber, neuropathic pain control, and started oral medications that may aid in motility of the colon.  When needed, A&D ointment and/or oral antibiotics will be initiated for treatment of urine scald.

2 thoughts on “She’s just a bob tail…

  1. This explains a lot to me. I h as d often heard that some Manx cats had problems controlling their sphincter and would drop poop at random. It is good to know the source of this problem.
    Iknow that the outcome for this cat will be much improved.
    Just another example of the Great Work the veterinarians at Independence Veterinary.

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