Blister Beetle Poisoning

These are Blister Beetles (three striped species).  They are mainly found in contaminated alfalfa hay or other alfalfa based products.  The actual toxin that effects mainly horses (also: cattle, goats, dogs, cats, and sheep) is Cantharidin.  It can be a mild toxicity to being fatal, and only a small amount of beetle consumption is needed (4-6 grams can be fatal).   The clinical signs seen … Continue reading Blister Beetle Poisoning

More mites!?

This is a microscopic view from a skin scraping of Demodex mites (cigar shaped with stubbed feet) that live on the skin within the hair follicles of dogs.  Common signs include patchy to diffuse hair loss (because the mites damage the follicle), itching (from probable skin infection), and reddening of the skin.  Common areas affected are around the eyes, axillary (armpit), feet, and flank.  It … Continue reading More mites!?

Hookworm eggs

These are eggs from the intestinal parasites commonly known as “Hookworms” under the microscope.  There are two common species between cats and dogs known as Ancylostoma and Uncinaria.  They cause weight loss, dull hair coat, pot belly appearance, bloody stool, and vomiting.  Pets can pick up these intestinal parasites via the environment.  Children and the immunosuppressed are susceptible to this parasite and it causing “cutaneous … Continue reading Hookworm eggs