Calcium Oxalate Bladder Stone

This is an ultrasound examination of the bladder of a dog that has had chronic urinary tract infections that currently has blood in the urine once again.  Ultrasound showed a very bright round stone.  A bladder stone will cause the black shadow below it, like in this ultrasound.  The urinary stones, in cats and dogs, cause chronic irritation with the increase in likelihood of infections … Continue reading Calcium Oxalate Bladder Stone

Might it be mites!?

This is a microscopic view of mites that live within the ear canal of dogs and cats and cause very itchy ears with very dark ear build-up.  These “ear mites” are called Otodectes cyanotis.  They are transmitted via  contact with other animals that are infected.  They are easily treated and prevented with certain anti-parasitic medications (including certain monthly heartworm and flea combinations!)  Please visit us for more … Continue reading Might it be mites!?